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When Healthcare Technology Builders can go Wrong!

The Mob Mentality and Marketing

One of the major failures in marketing or any other enterprise is the lack of a differentiating factor. And the problem is that differentiators are not really easy to get. Even if you have them, you may not be able to identify them soon enough. Here's why... Whenever most people undertake an enterprise, they do so looking at the success probability. And gauging that requires you to look at all that's been happening around your market... or does it? Is it the lack of knowledge that helps innovation, or is it a great observation of the competition around that does you good? While that has no easy answer, what's to be done could be rather simple, too simple to comprehend in fact. Here are a few things common to successful ventures... Some of them came up with an idea completely out of the blue Some others had a keen enough interest on the markets to one day realize where exactly they could fit Some, already established businesses in the middle of a spiraling fa