Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Shrinking IT World and Shrinking Budgets

Selling technology across the globe looked easy. It was the only thing you needed to do for getting rich if you had the expertise or manpower. So what’s happened now? Has technology become boring? Are the developments slower than before? Is there nothing exciting anymore? But that depends on your innovation, isn't it.

Well, it has more to do with people. Around the world, company budgets have shrunk in the face of defensive economic decisions. European and American taxes mean that most of your prospects are now willing to hold themselves back on investments.

However, your ‘Made in America’ technology cannot really survive by being less attractive or poorer in quality. And neither can you trust anyone advising you to reduce your production budget. What your apps can do today is the result of major investments or cautious borrowing.

Knowing who is ready to buy is never easy. Such research takes years. Moreover, the filtering process starts at millions of prospective buyers, and tapering to the best opportunities requires technology. Are you making it? We are.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

How social are you with Social Media?

There’s no doubt that many of the interesting topics generated from offices in the Silicon Valley, New York, New Jersey, and other IT hotbeds find copious notice and discussion on social forums. That alone is a great way to get connected with future revenue sources.

However, you might face at least some of the following issues:

  • Tracking post makers
  • Understanding what really clicks for them
  • Wasting large chunks of business time trying to know the details

No matter how advanced technology gets, our brains can only go up to 1,200 words a minute in processing new information. Then there’s the necessity of collating everything to make things legible for your team. No real progress – that’s what we are looking at, unless…

  • You had a source that has everything about social media profiles
  • The source was available in a matter of clicks
  • You had a registration on such a website

Now a lot has been talked about the difficulties of using social media to find customers. But very few pages talk about these difficulties.

In trying to maximize your chances of finding the very customer that can change the face of your company you might just end up spending the time which you could have used for a real meeting with a real prospect.
Choose your path to success – the smart way.

The next post is where you can really understand why your IT world is shrinking, and what you should do about it. Let them come to you, or get aggressive about grabbing customers?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Will ‘Made in America’ ever be true for the IT Industry?

Cost-effective staffing is one of the biggest incentives for IT honchos to outsource jobs, and make it look like there’s no real job for American graduates. However, there has been a great deal of tapering between salaries in upcoming and developed economies.

In such circumstances, one can only see potential. That is what difference in economies seems to cause.
With a great number of opportunities spread around the world, finding out your best hope in the market is no easy task. Besides that, the future finest in the technology market are hard to envision unless you have an observant planning team – expensive!

IT products made in the US are typically gaining steam for quality. But will that be enough to compete against a widely spread market with dense purchasing populations globally?

Now here’s the catch –

Tailoring your products itself can take some ‘marketing’ before you market them!

How do you tailor your products? Based on what your market hopes to find in the near future.
How do you know your current market? Are they just the people who bought your goods, or does the current market also include people who search your papers, people and products?
It’s actually way more inclusive than that. And it is way more specific too!

The American IT industry needs to wake up to the fact that sure clients exist – in such numbers that would make local manufacturing an equitable approach. Client-search portals make it possible for you to control costs – don’t compromise on the product quality, just cut down on deal procurement, even further than you already have.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Social Marketing Automation – What? You, a Techie?

The beauty of IT gadgets, apps, and other products can never be overestimated, especially in the light of how they are improving business strategy implementation. While social media marketing has given rise to many new styles and marketing strategies, there are always people who look beyond the new.

The current opportunities for advanced application developers lie in social marketing automation (SMA).

While marketing automation and social media marketing are the new buzzwords, merging the two seamlessly still seems to be a great distance away. How do you automate messages by reading into the interests of your prospects, who are reflecting a multitude of buying trends within a short span of time? While the picture gets truer with technology, you must be looking to tailor the latest SMA applications to reduce efforts marketers have to put in –

  • Monitoring
  • Multi-level analysis
  • Multi-parameter optimization

As a technocrat, you will be thrilled to know who among your customers is far sighted enough to accept those developments in the future.

We research to give you such information. Specializing in emerging markets for IT industries across the world, we have developed excellent relationships within the United States to know who’s thinking what, and who’ll be needing you as a facilitating agent.

Whether it is their details, or how best you should communicate your innovation to the new market, your far-sighted personality can find a friend right here!

Here’s an excellent explanation of Social Marketing Automation by Barbara Gago.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why we started this Blog in the first place

Customers in the IT arena have been looking around, finding what they need, and are usually habituated to great customer experience.
We have launched this blog site to keep you updated on the thousands of demands being currently generated among users of technology. While existing SAP, CRM, ERP, and JD Edwards users have new demands, it could be somewhat difficult to track where fresh demand for IT products is imminent.
Very often among IT consumers, a desperate need of technology is coupled with hasty decisions. But your technology never gets noticed by people blinded by anxiousness. What they need is something you may know better. Are you reaching them? Hardly, isn’t it?
Procure Data’s IT lists are prepared exactly with that in mind.
That’s the reason we feel the need of reaching out to you. Let us know what you want and get to know who the ready buyers are.
Call us (800-381-1464) to know what exactly you have to do. Most people do not find real-time buyer information by browsing around. You could be among the lucky few!

We want to make sure you are able to do business in today’s world.
Until the next post!
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