Friday, August 30, 2013

The Idea of Informing

When you have a good product to sell, customers come automatically. Wrong!

When you have a good product to sell, customers have to first know about it. Right?

So here's what most people do when they have a business - 

  • Talk about their product's benefits
  • Find trustworthy people who will help in word-of-mouth marketing
  • Strategize about selling the product through different channels

But, damn!

Here's what most people don't do - 
  • Find out who wants to hear the product's benefits
  • Target population samples that will actually carry the word of mouth
  • And therefore, find out which channels will be the most useful

Are you making the same mistake of not doing the important things?

In reality, successful marketing goes beyond this. Although the basic logic is to first know who is interested in your product, the process can be very gruesome.

So what do you do?

You contact a credible company with data, knowledge and processing technologies to help you.

Try this for a change... (and don't forget to tell us about difficulties you faced while marketing over the last few months).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Smart Woman, Need Help!

If this video is taking time to buffer, let it buffer. In the meanwhile, you can read for a while and get back to the video.

We have been talking about helping laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals by getting the compatible ones closer to each other for durable business relations. 

The most complicated and feared diseases have risky solutions, untested, often unknown to most physicians because of business-related complexities. Let's not get into that...

But are you gaining trust? Never, never by doing anything inside a lab behind closed doors, in some state whose map most Americans couldn't remember! And besides, you have the media using its discretion in making you look either like Jekyll or Hyde.

...Still thinking about selling your healthcare and medicinal produce with credibility in the market while keeping government bureaucrats off your lawn?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Innovate for the Long Run

Missing critical market information has always been the nightmare of company presidents, technology heads, and visionaries. Once recognized, you will find many people basing their decisions on your insights. Whether you are building technology for IT companies or for banks and other large institutions, their future needs fuel your production line. But have you ever considered going wrong in deciding the future of your business?

In times that demand real-time information, you are in severe despair when it comes to extrapolating from fluctuations. However, real future needs depend on many factors besides market parameters. Customer satisfaction is a subjective matter, and so are the trending decisions of your clients.

So how to innovate for the long run –
  • Get real-time information of IT users
  • Understand how each company’s figures are behaving
  • Are indications showing regressive, neutral, or positive future behavior?

 Thereon, you can be a great thinker about what fits best for each client.

However, the very first of the bullet points is where most technology builders go wrong. That is exactly where Procure Data can help – with information on people who are currently using your technology, or seems to be adopting it later.

Take a trial of the databases we offer. We will provide you with a truly random sample of it, and let you check if you get the very contacts that matter to you. Once you start with the right profiles, you can trickle down to some of the best deals you will ever close!

You are summoned to The Trial!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Selling Elevators – A New Way to IT Parks!

With facility suppliers finding a large number of stagnation related issues at their doorstep, there may be more than just low sales figures in their nightmares. Suppliers of office elevators have become worried about sustaining production, which is looking increasingly improbable. Lower turnovers mean companies have to reduce the amount of money involved in multiple procedures, or simply cancel them for the near future.

Elevator buyers are typically into an attrition mode with large office spaces getting sold off, and work forces being ignored. While users of technology such as SAP, JD Edwards and others work in similar offices, we can easily get you to the finest of details about offices typically into revamping and similar activities. Believe me, they are now an oasis in the desert of recessive economies.

Innovation has slowed down considerably, and advancements are sluggish to come by for most advanced companies. However, the building of applications, monitoring, and servicing are some of the areas receiving high revenues. Our experts have seen that, and believe only large facilities with B2B operations generating more than 67% of potential revenue are likely to see sure and steady-paced growth in the United States (2013-14).

If you had your eyes on the brighter side of things, many IT parks have become the rudimentary playground of the evolutionary business cycle. That’s what you call encouraging for all data sellers!

Our IT companies-related data always carry the following details –
  • Company contacts
  • Revenues and market caps
  • Upcoming revenues/ROIs
  • Locations and related details

These details are available, but customized lists may have extra fields for you. All you will have to do is understand, apply common sense, and pitch your elevators the right way for each IT park!

Where are the SAP Users?

IT companies are closing down, and SAP professionals are transitioning into other specializations. Not that SAP has lost its place in the market. You are.

Creators of excellent technology are finding selling difficult. While markets continue to remain murky, it is only human advancements that make a difference, help people in their endeavors, and pushes everyone along the natural course of civilization.

While many may have envisioned easy access to professional data, no one really perceived how much easier marketing will get in the distant future. Marketers like you and me have access to real information about the heads of companies using SAP and similar technologies.

Get their details, because the same companies that needed you earlier may not any more. But others do. And the others are no second choice kind of thing for you. They could even be better than the earlier SAP using companies.

Doing business is most importantly about moving on to a point of success after each failure.

Leave your details in the form, and see the magic happen! You will get back within 24-36 hours!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Selling Routers in the face of a Paperless-Wireless World

Leading companies are finding it hard to sustain revenue from networking devices. And why not? They know it, especially since they are bracing up with new products for a paperless-wireless environment. Although many of us believe that is only an ideal condition, and we will always need ancient devices such as pencils and diaries, it is undeniable that the need for many networking devices will be absent in the near future.

But hardware providers are aware of the slumps their revenues will see with the downfall in sales figures of their legacy devices.  

In order to avoid the interim slump before the opportunity for advanced products becomes more widespread, hardware manufacturers have to realize that a demand for their products still exists. It has never happened, ever in history, that all companies, rich and poor have transitioned from legacy systems all together.

The idea of selling to non-progressive companies may be difficult to sell to hardware manufacturing business owners, but many options exist if they look at ROI prospects realistically.

However, details about existing companies that have modest turnovers are only available after in-depth research. 

We have done that, and we have also prepared a list of customers who may be willing to buy your routers immediately.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Diet "Chart" for a Business

A German equipment manufacturing company called PVA TePla has become slightly sluggish on the charts, but probably it was inevitable. With at least three takeovers in the last decade, it might have put itself under heavy burdens. That's no hard work guessing when you know the obvious difficulties that pushed the company towards restructuring about three years after two quick takeovers.

When you come to think of changes companies make, it is only like changing your shoes when you are growing. Frankly, I just chanced upon them from a market report list.

Although well managed, PVA TePla might have problems surviving the coming squeeze, especially for European manufacturing players.

Fact remains that whether you move to Wettenberg or acquire more companies, you need a simple way of thinking - the bigger my company gets, the easier it should be feeding itself. But how does that happen? Does that actually happen? Are businesses organic? Well, being a lone cell is different, but I guess we are used to living with other cells to make things tick!

We are a data company and we have seen some gruesome downfalls in the business world, but we are happy to have prevented some. The organic growth of business can now happen because of hardcore marketing data. While IT companies are making the heaviest ROIs, you need a chance to be near them as your firm's first group of healing cells.
Check out how.

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation on the other hand has a great online strategy going. I found them quietly aggressive when it came to acquiring funds. Nutrition for business is very important. Asset building is unavoidable. It is time that everyone embraced the technological advancements internet allows.

Remote access to ready-to-buy customers - that's what the the internet has made possible.

All I can say is that PVA TePla should have easier access to future buyers.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Announcement

Although we appear to sell only technology buyers’ details to you, a large segment of our plans lie in helping healthcare industries as well – not only with hospital and outlet contacts, but also with a symbiotic approach between technology producers and healthcare facilities that prefer using the latest in technology.

With the new strategy, you can get a little more ambitious – we are stretching out your scope to be a leader!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Are you making Products for IT Companies in UK?

Some special techniques in marketing never fail. However, coming up with them takes some super-fast brainstorming. Without it, many good strategies become ineffective within days.

The safer way to get around this is knowing how the UK IT market has been performing in recent months, how the charts are moving compared to past behavior, and wait – it's more about knowing how your prospective buyers are using their iOS and Android phones.

No matter what condition your target market is in, your job is to identify your market first. It is for that that you need a good market survey service. And once you have identified your target market, noting their behavior is an essential step.

If you read about it, cloud computing skills are seriously missing in the United Kingdom. Immediately it feels like an opportunity!

However, here’s what you may have missed asking –
  • Which specific companies need cloud computing specialization
  • Which of them need immediate servicing, and which of them need it later
  • Are the ones seeking service later on the right track?
  • Are you making yourself easy to find for them?

So here’s how the process looks finally –

1st – identify your market, 2nd – go for a deeper (fact-based) research, 3rd – find out where they are searching, commenting, posting, and what their content is (behavioral), and finally the 4th step – take up digital marketing accordingly – BECAUSE once you now know who’s willing to buy, it’s all about keeping steady in the final moments!

Let me show you something...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Find out about yourself in the European Market

With the economy choking on stimulus and more to be expected from governments in terms of real action, technology buyers may not be very many. However, if you are able to find out who those few are, you could very well be on the way to a great experience.

Business success comes from doing what most aren't doing. If you have a market to tap, and most are pessimistic about it, remember that you could have a great chance.

How do you know our European prospect and lead databases are good?

Take a free trial! Always experience it with your own eyes.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Emailing Sensibly about Your Technology

Who knows best about the applications, gadgets, and systems you build? You, right? But there are many things you just can’t tell. Secret methods, fresh innovations, and then there are things you just don’t know how to present to your prospective buyers.

And so you use the content skills available outside or in house.

But are you sending good content in an intelligent way? Good content may prove to have no value at all, especially if someone messes up in the sending process.

Here’s what goes into ensuring deliverability and good click-through rates. (Conversions only depend on the conversations you create) –
  • Subject lines matter
  • Recipient lists matter
  • Improvement in data (list) maintenance is vital
  • Bulk is out, targeted is in

Our approach to using IT marketing data is similar, better actually. And you will surely be tempted once you are through with a free trial!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working as a Marketer for an IT Company?

Did you know you can actually be in the mind of your audience? Face it, there’s no way you can expect someone to even weigh your advocacy for a certain product when they already think they have what they need. If you remember, they always come back to you saying, “Why do you guys try to advise us so much when we already are fine with what we have?” And you often get back with a scare-the-shit-out-of-them strategy, which is also not working that well anymore.

Marketing intelligently is a long-term process. Yes, quick turnarounds do happen, but only for the highly observant marketer. Sharp minds matter.

Let’s look at how a successful, long-term, impromptu performance works for a marketer.

Here’s how you can start with that –

First, be friends with your prospect. Trade never happens between enemies. It is about earning someone’s trust. Hear their problems. Think over, not for too long – the prospect might feel you have nothing to offer for real.

Get back to your office and discuss the technical problems your new friend is facing. Are they feasible to solve within the kind of money your friend has?

If yes, please get on with it.

It is advisable to keep certain benefits behind the veil. We hope you have good techies, who can build a technology better than what your client actually needs. Get back to your prospect with the good news, but don’t spill all the beans.

Keep your best bit for later.

In order to find such “friends”, Procure Data is a great place. Although the Procure Data repository has data of people looking to buy your technology, you will need a dedicated resource and plan to use the list of potential customers. Databases are available with foolproof guidelines. If you are interested in any of that, please leave your details on the right side of this page.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Automation - Building Spy Robots?

First, a great couple of videos that definitely deserve more views!

You can watch the second video (longer) later.

So what are we talking about here? A technology that not only eases down your work, but does it without compromising on the extent of applicability. Well you see, examples of automated or digital personalization are many – but are they all ethical? Are they all feasible? And do you already have the technology to execute them?

Proxy methods marketing strategies require may be intelligent. However, they are still predictable. What most of us fail to do is startle our customers. Individual names don't really work anymore. Your audience usually have nothing to remember, and you lose them.

You may be able to target your leads with relevant content by knowing their ZIP, profile details, and other points. However, the real tracking of online behavior happens through technology. Remember the relevancy of the ads to your recent web history? The point here is – some consider this to be the ultimate type of personalization, but have you ever thought why a person would be interested in a similar ad which has to do with their interest on the previous day? They might have already bought what they were looking for.

Procure Data talks about something better – why not have a technology that records long-term activities and trends each user shows online. That way, you can link an IP address and a predictability model quite safely.

To consult our experts on this subject while it stays at infancy, leave your details in the form on the right. You can also leave your details here.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Databases of Boredom

How many times have you come across marketing list sellers who fail to deliver user information that is really fresh? It’s hard to tell when you have just bought the list with a few thousand dollars. Only after a day or two and some friction between telemarketers and the management, will you realize your mistake. It’s become so frequent nowadays, that stories like that are simply getting boring!

But what’s even sadder is that no one is talking about buying technology marketing databases the right way.

We can help you with that.

Here’s what you should be looking into while selecting a list company –
  • Make sure they sell leads, not lists
  • What’s been their rate of consistency (at least over the last 2-3 years)?
  • What is the total size of their marketing database?
  • Is the verification done on a regular basis?
  • What is the data procurement process?
  • Does data procurement cover all major channels?
  • Is there value addition through research or similar activities?

Getting a No for any of these questions should be a signal for you to take a step back. Because it’s been tried and tested! Nothing that’s been sold at a higher price than its real value can be trusted again. Moreover, always make sure that you are being sold leads that have not been sold to your competitors!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Technology that’s better Avoided!

You know about many developments in the data world. Being an IT sector boss, that’s how you become aware and useful to your organization. However, most often, you get to hear only about the latest, the progresses, and the magic developments. Do you get to know about difficulties that every technology brings? Well, we do hate to talk about that.

We have come across many problems working with IT products and using similar services. They sometimes get solved by customer support. Similarly, we have seen our competitors sell data tracking and marketing technology in various ways. Most of them end up dissatisfying customers like you because you are unaware about what’s best avoided.

How our marketing technology stands out –
  • Real-time verification/soliciting/pitching
  • Regular spell-check and validation
  • Requirement-based dispatch of contacts
  • No reuse
Marketing data sellers are usually complacent when it comes to these factors. You need information about technology users in a way that does not embarrass you when you are looking for interested buyers!
Let’s see how that can happen.

But before that, please post your views on ethical customer tracking – something that only good technology can do. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Harmless Invitation to Technology "Farmers and Landowners"

Invitations to clubs are nice. What’s even nicer is if you get to make a new connection at one of those glitzy occasions. Things start happening, and then your connection is not really interested about your blah on the new conveniences your technology brings to the table. Fiddles with her phone, can’t take his eyes off somewhere, etc.!

Let’s start thinking about these aspects of life if you really want to be a seller. Things don’t come easy because experts can only do that much for you.

Before your material created by marketing experts becomes effective, you need to know where the effect is going to lay an impact. Because every marketing material travels. It gets shared, saved, and often preserved. Grabbing opportunities to cause everything you imagined takes the hard work your marketers often cannot do – the homework!

Market research or similar services can help you. However, you have to identify your target market from the reports. Numerous segments are explained. But knowing that right segment? Chance of luck?

But that’s the old way of thinking. Now high-level, but consensual information on IT/technology users has made it simpler for IT businesses to identify who might be interested, or rather who is! All this in an automated fashion, trickling down thousands of actually interested profiles in seconds.   

However, building accurate technology that gives real-time information also requires some specialization. Person-hours and dependable expertise. Click here to view what goes into it.

Simple and relevant methods work, but when methods don’t apply, it’s time for finding out what method will. The complexity of collecting over a million records that are really relevant is all about finding immediate facts. What more fertile a space can you find than the growing sphere of digital connectivity?

Digital trackers – tracking people ethically, about their market views, requirements, job addresses, and more, all with their consent – is what you need, don’t you think? All the relevant information obtainable ethically?

ProcureData is a pioneer in Big Data, still leading from the front. Still offering the most trustworthy targets for every IT product/service provider. Invite yourself!

Monday, August 5, 2013

“Small” Errors that cause Irreparable Damage

Technocrats know that well, and how irrefutably that holds true everywhere in nature is every scientist’s interest.
Inaccuracy has been one of those apparently harmless glitches in your customer-details database. By now you must have guessed that such a problem can cause irreparable damage to your brand. But knowing how that happens is more important.

What are small errors like?

  • The popularly mistaken spellings of names, streets, locations, and other customer details
  • Missing punctuation in email addresses and digitally usable data
  • Inaccurate dates of transaction/contract
  • Unique identifier compatibility issues even in a minor part of your database
  • New key identifier creations leading to database inconsistency

What can these errors lead to –

  • Spelling errors can lead to incorrect prospect identification, unsolicited calling, and other embarrassing problems
  • Inaccurate email addresses can lead to major wastage of bandwidth in email campaigns
  • Inaccuracy in dates can make your campaign slip off from the intended schedule
  • Identifier problems will only ensure you reach the wrong number or email 
  • Errors in the key identifier fields will always give you the same problem as well

All in all, you will have accumulated thousands of dollars and many hours as costs. Even getting your technology in the limelight will become difficult with people expressing annoyance talking about your brand. That is how a missing comma can lead your company to its bad days.

Getting data accuracy high enough is all about using technology – not the type you deal in, but the ones we've built and sold. Proprietary data accuracy tools are available, and you are on your way to getting help. Carry on… or leave your message on the right.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Waiting for Customers?

Some have been wanting to say, and others have said it: “Customers will come to us, we don’t need any phony marketing.”

Although everyone wishes that only word of mouth or dire necessities could drive customers to their respective companies, the scope of improvement really lies in how they find you. Competition is alive, and it will always be.

How will you as an IT manufacturing or service company reach your customers –that is the question. When Microsoft or Apple launched their products in the transition from the space age to the computer age, customers really didn’t have anywhere but those two to look. Now, companies striving to innovate in similar products are many.

You can only do so much –
Start a new product or invent it
Or else, look around for customers willing to buy your current products

Both require something – expertise and man-hours. And luck.
At your disposal?

Think again, how to stop waiting for your customer?

As an IT leader, you will only find yourself the best customers by targeting right. What is the kind of targeting you can think of? It’s complex – as bad as the probabilistic model you have in mind. That is why we developed big data technology – not something you would think of selling, but rather using to achieve sure-fire business results.

Leave your message here or at the side of this page to understand better. You can also place a service booking with the experts.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

IT’s Here! Access them the Feynman Way

Superior data maintenance being devised in the United States is the initiative that might get the much awaited ‘Made in America’ tag back to the IT industry.

It so appears that a sandwich is all you need to explain how you could be a part of this evolution. Here’s how it goes. A forward thinking man of high discipline decades ago would look at today’s world of big data in a rather unexcited way. Perhaps, Richard Feynman would say it is nothing great – big data was eventually going to be possible.

High-sounding intellectual or even entrepreneurial discussions were never his cup of tea. Experimenting his way into things was his way.

Once, Feynman and Susskind were in a sandwich café, where the sandwiches were named after celebrities. Obviously, the two preferred to eat something that had less baloney.

You know, many celeb sandwiches could be very baloney-ish. No baloney in the Feynman sandwich, agreed the two friends. As Feynman’s old time friend Susskind would say in a recent talk, “The only way we can honor him today would be to have a little less baloney in our sandwiches.”

So why not stop wondering about the astounding accuracy of marketing data, and trying it out for yourself. Free trials are ready at Procure Data, obviously on limited list sizes and for a limited period. So get on with it. If you have difficulties starting, just click here for letting us know.