Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Emailing Sensibly about Your Technology

Who knows best about the applications, gadgets, and systems you build? You, right? But there are many things you just can’t tell. Secret methods, fresh innovations, and then there are things you just don’t know how to present to your prospective buyers.

And so you use the content skills available outside or in house.

But are you sending good content in an intelligent way? Good content may prove to have no value at all, especially if someone messes up in the sending process.

Here’s what goes into ensuring deliverability and good click-through rates. (Conversions only depend on the conversations you create) –
  • Subject lines matter
  • Recipient lists matter
  • Improvement in data (list) maintenance is vital
  • Bulk is out, targeted is in

Our approach to using IT marketing data is similar, better actually. And you will surely be tempted once you are through with a free trial!

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