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Social Marketing Automation – What? You, a Techie?

The beauty of IT gadgets, apps, and other products can never be overestimated, especially in the light of how they are improving business strategy implementation. While social media marketing has given rise to many new styles and marketing strategies, there are always people who look beyond the new.

The current opportunities for advanced application developers lie in social marketing automation (SMA).

While marketing automation and social media marketing are the new buzzwords, merging the two seamlessly still seems to be a great distance away. How do you automate messages by reading into the interests of your prospects, who are reflecting a multitude of buying trends within a short span of time? While the picture gets truer with technology, you must be looking to tailor the latest SMA applications to reduce efforts marketers have to put in –

  • Monitoring
  • Multi-level analysis
  • Multi-parameter optimization

As a technocrat, you will be thrilled to know who among your customers is far sighted enough to accept those developments in the future.

We research to give you such information. Specializing in emerging markets for IT industries across the world, we have developed excellent relationships within the United States to know who’s thinking what, and who’ll be needing you as a facilitating agent.

Whether it is their details, or how best you should communicate your innovation to the new market, your far-sighted personality can find a friend right here!

Here’s an excellent explanation of Social Marketing Automation by Barbara Gago.


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