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Before you Expect Benefits from Big Data

Being in competition, in a realistic way that is, doesn't happen from day one. Getting there is all about being the better of the start ups, a leader among the promising, or essentially becoming a shaper of things!

If you are wondering why the wonderful technology of Big Data is not really helping you, you may be really lacking somewhere. Mediocrity never helps, especially if you have nothing new to offer. Yes, even "new" can be mediocre.

Therefore, it is always about being good. But it is also about doing good. Good for people whom you think you will be catering to. Make the life of a software professional easier, think about how to reduce the errors he makes every day, think how his boss would feel more secure. Or say how medicines can reach the needy faster, how research can reach the labs without surreptitious influencing, so on and so forth.

And we've been telling you data can solve all your problems. It can't if you have nothing worth selling. But if  you do, there's some inspiration you can take from this...


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